Truckee-Tahoe Fishing Report

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WEEK OF 7/22/2014


Truckee River: Trout Creek to Stateline barbless Flies and lures only. NO BAIT! NO SCENTED LURES!

Flows: Glenshire 225 CFS, Boca 469 CFS, Farad 525 CFS water temps:  morning 62-63 to afternoon 68-69

Big Truckee:  Mid to High 70's to begin the week and then back into the 80's for the rest of the week.  Partly cloudy for Monday and Tuesday and then the sun returns.  Great time to get out before the heat comes back!  Water-master at Tahoe says the recent rain will keep flows going for another 2 weeks or so.  We'll see what happens.  Even though water levels are fluctuating the fishing has been pretty good with some good dry fly fishing if you know time and place.  Some prolific Caddis hatches in the evenings for the purist in you and some areas it seems that the fish haven't seen a fly for a while.  Explore different stretches of water and give your old spot a break!  Most fish will be taken by high-sticking the pocket water and one should think about giving the fish a break in the afternoon since water temps climb to 68-69, but early this week temps may not get that high.  Don't despair, you can get out for the evening to get your fix if you missed the early session for some very good caddis, little yellow sallies, and PED action.  Let's be ethical here and give the fish a break during the heat of the day to cut back on the mortality rate of trout when they're stressed by these high water temps.  Lots of things on the menu now such as Caddis, Stones, Mayflies (PMD's, PED's), Midges, and Terrestrials (Ants, Hoppers).  If you're fishing dries consider using 4x-5x leaders now and when nymphing 3x-5x tippet. Caution!  If you do fish the Truckee in Nevada please be aware that New Zealand Mudsnails have been found in sections of water there so please clean your shoes and gear accordingly to avoid aquatic hitch hikers!   Study the water and turn rocks and see what is going on, also seine for what is in the drift.  Little things like this and slowing your approach to the river’s edge will greatly increase your chances of being successful.  Again, make sure your box is stocked with every conceivable stage of bugs that are present now!  (x) = drawer number.  NOTE: TRY OUT SOME NEW WATER SUCH AS THE NORTH YUBA (GOOD DRY FLY FISHING TO WARY FISH ON LIGHT RODS), OR INDEPENDENCE LAKE FOR SOME NICE LAHONTAN CUTTS.


  • Doug O's Stonedaddy sz 8 (1) There here!
  • Wooley Buggers Black or Olive sz 6-8 (3)
  • Craven’s TB JuJu PMD sz 16-18 (2)
  • Little Yellow Stone Nymphs (1)
  • Mercer's Biot Epoxy Back Golden Stone sz 8 (1)
  • Gill's G-6 Caddis Olv, Pearl sz 14 (4)
  • Gill's Pimp Flymph PMD sz 14 (4)
  • M's Hotwire May sz 16-18 (2)
  • Craven's Two-Bit Hookers Red, Brown #16  (2)
  • Haddon's Dead Drift Cray sz 8 (7)
  • Prince Nymphs sz 12-16 (1)
  • Hares Ears sz10-16 (1)
  • Copper Johns Red,Blk, Olv, Zebra sz 10-18 (1)
  • Randy's Flash Caddis sz 14-16 (2)
  • PT's sz 12-16 (1)
  • Randy's Buddies Green or Pearl (2)
  • Copper John's Reds and Copper sz 16-18 (1)                                                 
  • Doug O's Peaches and Cream PMD jig sz 14-16 (2)
  • Hares Ears sz 12-16 (1)
  • Mercer's Glint Nymph Yellow or Orange Belly sz 14 (1)
  • Bubbleback Yellow sz 16 (2)
  • TB or No Bead Crack Back PMD (2)
  • Bird's Nest Natural sz 14-18 (1)
  • Gill's TB PMD nymph (4)
  • Mercer's Z-Wing Caddis Amber sz 16-18 (2)
  • Stefan’s Brick sz 8 (1)
  • Gill’s Skipper Stone Golden sz 8-10 (4)
  • Craven's JuJu PMD sz 16-18 (5)
  • Hogan's S&M nymph PMD (2)
  • Lafontaine's Sparkle Pupa (2)
  • Pat's Rubberlegs sz 6  Blk, Brwn, Coffee (3)
  • Burk's HBI PMD sz 16
  • M's Super Pupa Green sz 12 or Tan sz 16 (2)
  • Pierce's Soft Hackle Prince (1)
  • Midges


  • Thalken's Double Dutch Bugs sz 6 (7) Great indicator substitute!
  • Royal Wulffs sz 16-18 (8)
  • Turk’s Tarantula Org or Tan (7) Indi Substitute
  • Green Drake Wulff (7)
  • Elk Hair Caddis sz 12-16 (7)
  • Cutter's E/C Caddis sz 12-16 Olv and Tan (7)
  • Cutter's Perfect Ant (7)
  • Sawmill Ant  sz 12 (7)
  • Mercer's Poxyback Green Drake (7)
  • AK's Melon Quil sz 16 (8)
  • Challenged PMD sz 16-18 (8)
  • Para Adams sz 12-18 (4)
  • Cream Puff Orange/yellow sz 16
  • Orange & Yellow Stimis (7)
  • Burk's Silhouette PMD sz 18 (8)
  • Klink PMD sz 18 (8)
  • Q's Hatch Matcher PMD sz 16 (4
  • Deer Hair Ant sz 10 (4)
  • Humpy's Yellow and Red (9)
  • Ramsey's Goofball Org, Green (7) Indi Substitute

STREAMERS (slow strip, deep pools)

  • Bunny Leech Blk, Olv sz 6 (3) 
  • Sheila Sculpin (3)
  • Wooly Buggers sz 6-8 Olv or Blk
  • Mini Loop Sculpin (3)
  • Bandit Leeches sz 6 (3)
  • Danny Boy Sculpin (3)
  • Woolhead Sculpin sz6 Blk or Olv (3)
  • Wier's Sculpin sz 4 (3)
  • Space Invader sz 4 (3)


Flows:  48 cfs!!

Little Truckee:  I've about given up trying to understand what the Water Master is doing with the flows here as one day they're low and the next up.  Go out with 5x-7x leader and hook size 16-22 on patterns.  Expect to see more people here during the afternoons as they will be giving the main river a break, if there being Ethical, as the water temps here are stable and cooler from being drawn from the bottom of Stampede dam.  Can be some fantastic Dry action here but it can be frustrating with the refusals so sharpen your skills!  Bugs being seen here are PMD's, Little Yellow Sallies, PED's, Small Caddis, BWO's, Midges and Terrestrials such as small ants and hoppers.


  • Bird's Nest Natural or Improved sz 16-18 (1)
  • Hogan's S&M PMD nymph sz 16-18
  • Gill's G-6 Caddis Olv or Pearl sz 16 (4)
  • Craven’s Two-Bit Hooker Brown  16 (2) 
  • BubbleBack Nymph sz 16 (2)
  • Burk’s Crystal HBI PMD sz 16 (2)
  • Copper Johns Red, Olv, Blk size 16-18 (1)
  • PMD soft emerger sz 18 (8)
  • Rainbow Warriors size 18 (5)
  • Tailwater Tinys Olive & Red size 20-22 (5)
  • KF Flasher Blk, Olv sz 18
  • Craven’s JuJubee Midge (all colors) (5)
  • Two Tone Zebra Midge (5)
  • Flashback Pheasant Tails sz 16-18 (2)
  • Craven's JuJu Baetis sz 18-20 (5)
  • WD-40’s Olv, Blk sz 20-22 (5)
  • Drymerger BWO sz 18-20 (8)
  • Craven’s JuJu Baetis or Purple Baetis sz 16-18 (5)
  • TB Zebra Midges (5)
  • Crack Back BWO (2)
  • Little Yellow Stones  (1)
  • Hogan's Indigo Child sz 18 (5)
  • M's Hotwire May Olv sz 18 (2)
  • Sloan's Mitey Mites sz 18-20 (7)
  • Sloan's Mitey May sz 18 (7)
  • San Juan Worms (2)


  • Cutter's Perfect Ant sz 12 (7)
  • Lawson's Green Drake (7)
  • Yellow or Orange Stimis sz 16 (7)
  • Griffiths Gnat sz 18 (5)
  • Para Midge Blk, Olv, Wht (5)
  • Bear's Para Sulpher Orange  sz 16
  • Challenged PMD size 18-20 (8)
  • Burk’s Silhouette dun PMD sz 16-18 (8)
  • Cream Puff Orange and Yellow
  • Humpys Red or Yellow sz 18 (9)
  • Royal Wulff sz 16-18 (9)
  • Q's Film Critic Green Drake (7)
  • Q's Hatch Matcher PMD sz 18 (4)
  • Solitudes Ext Body PMD sz 18 (8)
  • Solitudes Para Body PMD sz18 (8)
  • AK's Melon Quill sz 16 (8)
  • Q's Half-Dun Creamy Orange sz 18 (4)
  • Mercer's PMD Cripple sz 16 (8)  Great pattern!
  • Lawson's PMD Cripple sz 16 (8) Cripple patterns are deadly!
  • Hoppers
  • STREAMERS (slow strip inlet, deep pools)
  • Bale Hopp Buggers size 10 (3)  
  • Wooley Buggers Blk, Olv (3)
  • Bunny Leech Blk, Olv sz 6 (3)


  • Midging under Indi's, using Hover/Intermediate line, or slow stripping buggers or leeches!  Some good Callibaetis hatches now and Midging in the early morning and evening. 

Audio Report

Donner Lake Aug. 21-22
Donner Lake Aug. 21-22

Donner Lake Gets Fish!
Donner Lake Gets Fish!

Sage - Circa Slow Action Rod
Sage - Circa Slow Action Rod

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WEEK OF 7/21/2014


*Designates best areas to go fishing now.  


WEATHER FOR THE WEEK:    Very nice temps to begin the week with overcast skies and 20% chance of rain but be aware not to be caught on the water when some of the late afternoon thunderstorms pop up.  All the lakes are fishing well but Donner has been best for shore angling while Stampede has been best for boat anglers(see report below for launch conditions).  Sleepers are Boca and Jackson Meadows.  Also, for spin fisherman throwing barbless artificials in the Big Truckee from Trout Creek to Glenshire Bridge, then again from Prosser outflow to Stateline can be fun if you prefer moving water and catch and release trophy trout fishing!  If you prefer to keep a couple then the stretch through town to a 1000 ft below the dam at Tahoe City may be the place for you.


**DONNER :   This lake was stocked heavily weeks ago but still continues to fish well!  With temps in the 70's to begin the week it's a great time to get in the morning and evenings to fish though this lake will still put fish out during the day.  Mack fishing here has been fair and Jigging for these guys  have been good at depths from 70-100ft and some smaller guys being caught along the shoreline. Kokanee fishing has been good with fat little guys ranging from 10-12 inches in 45-80 feet with most of the schools being between Loch Leven Lodge and China Cove and some larger Kokes in the 13-14 inch range on the opposite shore from the boat launch suspended 60-80 feet in 100-120 feet of water.  With the recent stocking some small Macks have been busy cruising the shorelines in the morning and evening picking of small rainbows.  Throw imitations that will mimic these and smaller baitfish now in these dusk and dawn hours to be successful! This lake was stocked the week of 3/16/2014, 4/20/14, and 5/11/14, 6/2/14, 6/16/14 and 6/23/14!

**BOCA  Lake level has dipped recently to 26% capacity with the outflow being 200 cfs more than what is coming in.  Small car top boats, small aluminum boats or float tubes here, water level is too low to launch anything else.  Fishing by the dam in the morning has been good along with the inlet portion of the lake more towards the evening.  Lots of PWC(Personal Water Craft) or Jetskis ripping around the lake during the day so look for morning and evening fishing to be more productive. Stocked the week of 5/19/14 ?, 6/16/14.

**STAMPEDE:   Kokanee fishing here has been great, but with water levels at 27% capacity( that's correct) it's a must to have 4-wheel drive to launch and even that's been risky!   Many are utilizing the area east of the ramp to launch their boats now.  Rick Kennedy and John Minnis still reporting good Kokanee action with fish ranging in the 12-13 inch range in the top 25-40 feet of water but some larger fish are being taken around the island in 45-55 feet of water.  Another hot spot has been off the boat launch when water depth reaches 35-45 feet.  Spinners, Hoochies, and Radical Glow Tubes have been go to lures in colors with pink, orange, and Purple.  Best Dodger colors have been copper with any Orange and Pink in it!  Look for Macks underneath these schools of Kokes and some larger ones still hanging out in the deeper sections of the lake around the dam.  Trout fishing has been best in the coves up and down from the campgrounds and boat ramp.  Smallmouth fishing has been sporadic in the Davis Creek arm but some of those that are being caught have been pretty nice!  This lake was stocked the week of 4/13, 5/12/14.

*PROSSER:   Lake is at 28% capacity and has been fishing decently for bass.  Fishing outside the inlets and around the dam has produced the best results.  Smallmouth fishing here has been great in the evening hours! Was stocked the week of 4/20!!!!!

MARTIS LAKE:  A real sleeper of a lake early on, wide open and no crowds.  Great for those who are learning to fly fish without the critics you'll find on the rivers!

TRUCKEE RIVER(GENERAL REG SECTION FROM TAHOE CITY TO TROUT CREEK)  Few reports but always fishes well for those who like to keep a couple and soak some bait.  Water levels or CFS ratings here will greatly impact fishing as the flow here will dip significantly here when July arrives!

LITTLE TRUCKEE RIVER (ABOVE STAMPEDE 89 NORTH TOWARDS SIERRAVILLE)   Stocked about a months ago but with low water now being an issue fishing has been fair at best through this stretch.  Stocked the week of 5/12/14.

**JACKSON MEADOWSWith this lake being stocked weeks ago with a healthy planting of DFW trout this lake will fish great for months now!  If you're looking for bigger fish here your going to have to fish the face of the dam more as there is always some big fish hanging on the ledges of the dam.   Lake is at 80% capacity and it's a great escape from the masses that descend on Tahoe. Stocked the 6/9/14, 6/16/14.