Truckee-Tahoe Fishing Report

As of the 16th of November the only moving water that is open is the Truckee River from Trout Creek to Stateline and the Litttle Truckee between Stampede and Boca.  All catch and release barbless artificial, no kill!  For those of you who don't know Prosser Creek, Milton, and Martis Lake are CLOSED!  Know before you go, read your Regs!

AS OF 3/22/2015


Truckee River: Trout Creek to Stateline barbless Flies and lures onlyGENERAL REG SECTION CLOSEDNO BAIT! NO SCENTED LURES!  

Flows: Glenshire 88 CFS Below Prosser 195 CFS, Boca 304CFS, Farad 340 CFS-water temps: 41-45 degrees 

Big Truckee:  Spring like temps and fishing without the run-off!  Some wintery mix on the table for tonight into tomorrow but by the end of the week temps will be reaching 70!  Best hours to fish will be 9 to 4.   Water temps have come up and fish are more apt to sample your offerings now.   Lots of Midges and small BWO/Baetis Mayflies and still Skwala Stones.  Flows are reasonable but the general outlook could be dismal if we don't see an increase in out snowpack.  Snowpack sits at 36% now.  Start to think about March Browns now as we press into this month and the accelerated fishing season!  Use patterns such as Gill's SH March Brown, Burk's TB March Brown or Pheasant Tails in size 12 and 14's.  Fishing has been pretty good with a mix bag of streamer fishing to throwing BWO dries to rising fish.  Best sections to fish have been the Glenshire stretch as some anglers have seen double digit days here, but don't disregard the sections toward State Line.  If you do fish the Truckee in Nevada please be aware that New Zealand Mudsnails have been found in sections of water there so please clean your shoes and gear accordingly to avoid aquatic hitch hikers!   Study the water and turn rocks and see what is going on, also seine for what is in the drift.  Little things like this and slowing your approach to the river’s edge will greatly increase your chances of being successful.  Again, make sure your box is stocked with every conceivable stage of bugs that are present now!  (x) = drawer number.  


  • Doug O's Stonedaddy sz 8 (1)
  • Gill's SH March Brown sz 12 (4)
  • Burk's TB March Brown sz 14 (7)
  • Bird's Nest Olive sz 16-18 (1)
  • Gill's Blue Diamond Phillips sz 18 (4)
  • M's Pickpocket Bright Green or Blk (2)
  • Gill's Canadian Tuxedo BWO sz 18 (4)
  • Wooley Buggers Black or Olive sz 6-8 (3)
  • Craven’s TB JuJu BWO sz 16-18 (5)
  • Hogan's BWO Slow Guy sz 18 (5)
  • Mercer's Biot Epoxy Back Golden Stone sz 8 (1)
  • Mercer's PB Skwala Stone sz 10
  • Sloan's Mighty Mite sz 18-20 (5)
  • M's Hotwire May sz 16-18 (2)
  • Craven's Two-Bit Hookers Red, Drk Olive #16  (2)
  • Haddon's Dead Drift Cray sz 8 (7)
  • Prince Nymphs sz 12-16 (1)
  • Hares Ears sz10-16 (1)
  • Copper Johns Red,Blk, Olv, Zebra sz 10-18 (1)
  • Pheasant Tails BH or No Bead sz 12-14 (1) General purpose March Brown Pattern!
  • Randy's Buddies Green or Pearl (2)
  • Copper John's Red, Olv, Blk sz 16-18 (1)                                                 
  • Doug O's Sweet Pea BWO (2) New Pattern!
  • Hares Ears sz 12-16 (1)
  • Mercer's Glint Nymph Orange Belly sz 14 (1)
  • Sloan's Mighty May BWO sz 16-18 (5)
  • Mercer's TB Micro Stone Blk sz 14 & 18 (1)
  • Bird's Nest Natural sz 14-18 (1)
  • Gill's Soft Hackle BWO sz 16 (4)
  • Mercer's CB Micro May Olv sz 16-18 (2)
  • Stefan’s Brick Dark sz 8 (1)
  • Gill’s Skipper Stone Golden sz 8-10 (4)
  • Craven's JuJu Baetis sz 16-18 (5)
  • Hogan's S&M nymph Olv (2)
  • Copper John's Zebra sz 18-20 (1)
  • Pat's Rubberlegs sz 6  Blk, Brwn, Coffee, Tan (3)
  • Burk's Crystal HBI Baetis sz 1 (5)
  • Hart's Dark Lord sz 14-16 (1)
  • Pierce's Soft Hackle Prince (1)
  • Zebra Midges sz 18 (5)
  • Soft Emerger BWO sz 18-20 (8)
  • Any nymph you would use on the LT!!


  • Thalken's Double Dutch Bugs sz 6 (7) Great indicator substitute!
  • Royal Wulffs sz 16-20 (8)
  • Turk’s Tarantula Org or Tan (7) Indi Substitute
  • Klink BWO sz 18-20 (7)
  • Elk Hair Caddis Blk sz 16-18 (7)
  • Stimi Olive sz 10 (7)
  • Burk's Silhouette BWO sz 18-20 (8)
  • Cutter's Bi-Vis Olive sz 14-16 (8)
  • Sparkle Dun Baetis sz 18-20
  • Klink BWO sz 18-20 (8)
  • Mercer's Low Water Baetis sz 18-20 (8)
  • Challenge Baetis sz 18-20 (8)
  • Para Adams sz 16-20(4)
  • BWO Ext. 18-20 (8)
  • Orange & Yellow Stimis (7)
  • Gill's Para BWO sz 18 (4)
  • Griffith's Gnat sz 16-18 (5)
  • Q's Hackle Stacker BWO sz 18 (4)
  • Q's Half Dun Olive sz 20 (4)
  • Q's Loopy BWO sz 18 (4)
  • Q's Hatch Matcher BWO sz 18 (4
  • Humpy's Red (9)
  • Silvey's Little Olive Stonefly sz 14
  • Skwala Stone Stimi sz 10
  • Ramsey's Goofball Green (7) Indi Substitute

STREAMERS (slow strip, deep pools)

  • Bunny Leech Blk, Olv sz 6 (3) 
  • Sheila Sculpin (3)
  • Wooly Buggers sz 6-8 Olv or Blk
  • Mini Loop Sculpin (3)
  • Bandit Leeches sz 6 (3)
  • Danny Boy Sculpin (3)
  • Woolhead Sculpin sz6 Blk or Olv (3)
  • Wier's Sculpin sz 4 (3)
  • Space Invader sz 4 (3)


Flows:  154 cfs!!

Little Truckee:  Flows have been stable now for months at 154 cfs!  Access is wide open here and the fishing has been pretty good though fish here are looking pretty beat up with all the pressure.  Stay off spawning beds of Rainbows!  Lots of midges, Baetis and even some winter stones on the menu now!  Best time to fish is 9-4.

NYMPHS;  Midges and small BWO Baetis patterns 16-24 sizes.  sporadic Small Winter Stones.  

DRIES: Midges and small BWO Baetis patterns 18-24 sizes.  sporadic Small Winter Stones.


  • Bale Hopp Buggers size 10 (3)  
  • Wooley Buggers Blk, Olv (3)
  • Bunny Leech Blk, Olv sz 6 (3)
  • Jay Fair "Wiggle Tails" Box by Fly reels!


Midging under Indi's, using Hover/Intermediate line, or slow stripping buggers or leeches 

  • LOCAL SUGGESTED GUIDES:  Brian Slusser-Orvis endorsed guide (530) 386-0525   Jay Clark-Brian's Partner (530)414-1655  Frank Pisciotta-The Dean of Guides (530) 587-7333  Matt Heron-Tahoes Premier Guide out of Squaw (518225-6587  Matt "Gilligan" Coles-The Mayor of Hirshdale (775) 351-6665.  Jim "BigFly" Landis (530) 448-9920
  • PYRAMID LAKE:  Lake is starting to fish much better now as many anglers are experiencing double-digit days now.  Cutties are starting to move closer to the drop-offs and will cruise the shallows above these areas also.   Can be very crowded at times around the South Nets now!  Mixed bag on techniques as slow stripping buggers trailed with beetles or nymphing with Maholo nymphs and midges have both worked.  Throwing baitfish patterns too has seen some success when the Cutts have been chasing baitballs.  Be smart be safe when venturing out here as the weather can be unsuspecting and dangerous especially if you're utilizing floating apparatuses.  We are now in stock of Pyramid Patterns from local       

Audio Report

Donner Lake Aug. 21-22
Donner Lake Aug. 21-22

Donner Lake Gets Fish!
Donner Lake Gets Fish!

Sage - Circa Slow Action Rod
Sage - Circa Slow Action Rod

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As of 3/22/2015


*Designates best areas to go fishing now.  Now a Davis Lake and Frenchmans Report!  Jackson Meadows may still be closed just past Weber Lake, Call Sierraville Ranger Station!  Be very careful driving close to the shorelines of our local lakes as you may find yourself stuck axle deep in the quicksand like ground.   Donner Lake to be stocked this week!!!!


WEATHER FOR THE WEEK:   Might be this winters last gasp from tonight into tomorrow as some wintery mix is expected.  By Friday temps will be reaching the 70 degree mark though.   


**DONNER :  Lake is at 55% capacity.  With a plant of catchable size Rainbows this will inject some life back into this lake!  Some boaters have been catching Mackinaw by top lining Firetiger print Rapalas.   Jigging has also been taking some nice Macks also when they have been holding deep.  No real Kokanee action as of yet, but hopefully this will turn around in the next couple of weeks.  As for the shore fishermen, later this week will be a great time to get out and catch some rainbows that will be stocked.  Some might be rewarded with a nice Mackinaw that might venture in to feed on these planters!   This lake will be planted this week!!!! 

**BOCA  Withholding releases here have lake now at 36%.   Be careful about driving down to the shoreline as some areas are like quicksand!  Best spots to fish here are around the dam and outside the inlet.  Nightcrawlers, Rapala's, Powerbait, small Kastmasters, and jigs have been good for Rainbows and Browns.   This lake has not been stocked this year.

**STAMPEDE:  Lake is dropping and is at 21% capacity.  Fishing has been slow for Rainbows, Macks, and Smallies.  Small boats can still launch to the right of the ramp as they are concentrating their efforts outside the inlets and the deeper sections around the dam.  Some reports have some catching Kokes up to 15 inches here as this could be the start of this season.  Shore fishing has been sporadic for the Bows with powerbait, nightcrawlers, and various hardware.  Smallies are suspended along shelves in the Davis Creek arm and most are being taken on suspending baitfish patterns, Crayfish patterns, and various Jigs worked down these shelves.  Some big smallies here, but you'll have to work hard for them.   This lake has not been stocked this year.

*PROSSER:   Lake is at 21% capacity.  Recently, a decent Smallmouth bite around the dam and along the shoreline for those who prefer the Bronzebaks to Trout.  Small Rainbows here but since this lake was only stocked once fishing has been pretty slow, much better around the dam and Prosser Creek arm for the sporadic trout bite.  This lake has not been stocked this year.  

***DAVIS LAKE:    For a more comprehensive update contact Mark at out Blairseden store. 530-836-2589.

FRENCHMANS:   Same as Davis.

PYRAMID LAKE:  With nice weather later this week fishing may good for this time of year as March tends to be more favorable fishing here.  Be extra careful about the wind conditions as this lake can capsize boats easily.  For those trolling we now carry Lyman's sz 4 and sz 3 flatties in popular Pyramid colors and Father Murphys Pyramid Vibrator Spoons.  These have been the go to lures at this lake this year.  Be safe be smart when you venture out here.



**JACKSON MEADOWS:    Lake is at 99% Capacity!  Check conditions here as access here may be limited to only Weber Lake.  Call Sierraville Ranger Station!